The Volunteer/Community Center is an extension of Project Roadrunner, which was formed to address challenges faced by many of our families, not just educational needs. The Center was established to access community resources and parent volunteers in order to more actively support our great teaching staff.

As the center evolved, we found that many of our children were coming to school hungry. With the assistance of community members, the necessary shelving was donated, and we were approved by the Alameda County Food Bank as an outlet. We currently only serve our school's children and their families. We are one of the charter members of the Livermore Valley Hunger Coalition and we are determined to help families at other schools as well. This program is financed 100% by outside funds and draws absolutely no money from the school district.

E-mail Maria Toscano at for more information.

Co-Parenting (CompaƱeros de crianza)



This school year we started parent workshops with a very effective and practical workshop. The Co-Parenting Workshop consisted of eight sets of two hours each Session. In this workshop, parents had the opportunity to share the difficulties of their hard work in raising their children. They also learned different methods to facilitate their job as parents and new techniques to implement a system of effective discipline. In these series 34 parents attended and graduated 17.

We will continue to offer workshops in the remainder of the year, in order to provide tools that you can use in the education of your children. Remember that we are partnership and work to ensure your children have the best possible education.

“Compañeros de crianza”


Este año escolar empezamos los talleres de padres con un taller muy efectivo y práctico. El taller Compañeros de Crianza  constó de ocho series de dos horas cada sesión. En éste taller los padres tuvieron la oportunidad de compartir las dificultades que tienen en su arduo trabajo educando a sus hijos. También, aprendieron diferentes métodos para facilitarles su trabajo como padres y nuevas técnicas para implementar un sistema de disciplina efectivo. A estas series asistieron 34 padres y se graduaron 17.  


Seguiremos ofreciendo a ustedes talleres  en lo que resta del año, con el fin de brindarles herramientas que ustedes pueden utilizar en la educación de sus hijos.  Recuerden que somos compañeros de ustedes para lograr que sus hijos obtengan la mejor educación posible.