About Us


Marylin Avenue Elementary is a professional learning community that holds students to the highest academic and social standards. Our mission, vision and values are shared by teachers and parents. Our school community is defined by collaboration and collective inquiry where teachers look for best practices that are based on research. There is a constant search for a better way. Parents and teachers turn aspirations into action and visions into reality. We are a community school that holds high expectations and believes that all children can learn.

Our academic programs at Marylin are unique, innovative, research based, and are designed to meet all children's needs. Teachers differentiate instruction in the regular classroom to make sure that all children are challenged. Additionally, we offer a blended services program that targets academic instruction to meet individual students needs.  Our classroom teachers are trained in Project GLAD, a guided language acquisition program, which was declared a Project of Academic Excellence by the US Department of Education.



8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday

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